Editors and Editorial Board


Deborah Bradley (Canada)

J. Scott Goble (Canada)


Production Editor

Vincent C. Bates (USA)


Production Team

Emmett O’Leary (USA)

Naomi Leadbeater (Canada)

Jennifer Mellizo (USA)


Founding Editor

Thomas A. Regelski (Finland)


Former Editors

Vincent C. Bates (USA)

Wayne D. Bowman (Canada)

David J. Elliott (USA)


Editorial Board

Deborah Bradley (editor) – University of Wisconsin-Madison (retired); Canada. Music education: critical multiculturalism, anti-racism, philosophy, and sociology; choral music education and conducting

J Scott Goble (editor) – University of British Columbia, Canada. Music education: history, philosophy, semiotics, conducting, choral music

Joseph Abramo—University of Connecticut, USA. Music Education: popular music, music teacher education, gender, cultural studies, disability studies, poststructuralism

Vincent C. Bates (former editor) —Weber State University, Utah, USA. Critical theory, social class, rural music education, ecological sustainability

Cathy Benedict – University of Western Ontario, Canada. Pedagogical engagements

Carol Frierson-Campbell – William Paterson University of New Jersey, USA. Music education: research pedagogy, music education in marginalized settings, sociology, instrumental music

Eva Georgii-Hemming – Örebro University, School of Music, Theatre and Art, Sweden. Music education: philosophy of music, epistemology, popular culture, cultural theory, narrative research

David G. Hebert – Western Norway University of Applied Sciences, Norway. Music education: international-comparative studies, ethnomusicology, technology, sociology, non-western philosophy, wind bands, East Asia, Northern Europe

Juliet Hess – Michigan State University, USA. Music education: anti-oppression education, equity education, critical pedagogy, “world music” education

Sidsel Karlsen – Hedmark University College, Department of Fine Arts and Computer Science, Norway. Sociology of music education; cultural studies; multicultural music education

Alexandra Kertz-Welzel – Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität, Munich, Germany. Philosophy of music education, music education policy, sociology of music education, community music, internationalization/globalization, social change, children’s musical cultures

Roger Mantie – University of Toronto (Scarborough), Canada. Music education: lifelong music making; well-being, leisure and recreation, teacher education, instrumental music

Edward R. McClellan – Loyola University New Orleans, USA.  Music education, music teacher education, identity, music teacher identity, pre-service teacher socialization, sociology, social-cognitive theory, psychology of teaching and learning, instrumental music pedagogy

Sean Robert Powell – University of North Texas, USA. Critical theory, sociology, philosophy, policy, narrative, post-qualitative inquiry, music teacher education

Anita Prest – University of Victoria, Canada. Decolonization, indigenization, rurality, sociology, qualitative and Indigenous research methodologies

Guillermo Rosabal-Coto – University of Costa Rica. Postcolonial and decolonial thinking, institutional ethnography, music education sociology, teacher education, Latin American and Caribbean contexts.

Patrick Schmidt – University of Western Ontario, Canada. Music education: policy, critical pedagogy, philosophy, teacher education

Daniel J. Shevock – Independent Scholar, Pennsylvania, USA. Philosophy of music education, ecological literacy, improvisation, interdisciplinarity, spirituality

Marissa Silverman – Montclair State University, USA. Music education: philosophy, urban music education, musical interpretation, and ethics and social justice

Gareth Dylan Smith – Boston University, USA. Music education: popular music, music performance, drumming, embodiment, identity.

Sandra L. Stauffer – Arizona State University, USA. Music education: general music, composition, listening, teacher education

Brent C. Talbot – Gettysburg College, USA. Music education: discourse analysis, critical pedagogy, marginalization and privilege, Indonesian music

Øivind Varkoy – Norwegian Academy of Music. Philosophy of music education, justification of music education, instrumental and intrinsic values of music and music education, philosophical-sociological perspectives on music education, personal development/”bildung” in music education, philosophy of music

Lise Vaugeois – Lakehead University, Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada. Coloniality in music and music education and strategies of decolonization, Foucaultian genealogy, feminist post-colonial analysis, critical pedagogies, philosophy and sociology of music education, community music.

Janice Waldron – University of Windsor, Canada. Social media and music learning, participatory culture, informal music learning, online music communities, and vernacular musics

Robert Walker – Asia ConneXions, University of New England, Australia. Aesthetics and postmodern theory, cultural theory, music curriculum, auditory-visual perception, philosophy of music.

Deanna Yerichuk – Wilfred Laurier University, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada. Music+education: community music, choirs, vocal pedagogy, sociology, critical history, discourse analysis, policy, postmodern theory


Former Members of the Editorial Board 

Cecilia Bjorck (Sweden)

Richard Colwell (USA)

Harold Fiske (USA)

Hildegard Froehlich (USA)

Wilfried Gruhn (Germany)

Jere Humphreys (USA)

John Kratus (USA)

Marie McCarthy (USA)

Gary McPherson (Australia)

Pentti Määttänen (Finland)

Matthew D. Thibeault (Hong Kong)

John Shepherd (Canada)

Eleanor Stubley (Canada)

Heidi Westerlund (Finland)