Action, Criticism, and Theory for Music Education

Volume 13, Issue 1, March 2014

Petter Dyndahl,
Sidsel Karlsen, and
Ruth Wright,
Guest Editors
Exploring the Sociology of Music Education 1
Ruth Wright The Fourth Sociology and Music Education:
Towards a Sociology of Integration
Petter Dyndahl,
Sidsel Karlsen,
Odd Skårberg,
and Siw Graabræk Nielsen
Cultural Omnivorousness and Musical Gentrification:
An Outline of a Sociological Framework
and Its Applications for Music Education Research
Geir Johansen Sociology, Music Education, and Social Change:
The Prospect of Addressing Their Relations
by Attending to Some Central, Expanded Concepts
Sigrid Røyseng and
Øivind Varkøy
What is Music Good For?
A Dialogue on Technical and Ritual Rationality
Deanna Yerichuk ‘Socialized Music’: Historical Formations of
Community Music through Social Rationales
Guillermo Rosabal-Coto 'I Did It My Way': A Case Study of Resistance to
Coloniality in Music Learning and Socialization
Roberta Lamb Where Are the Women? And Other Questions,
Asked within an Historical Analysis of Sociology of Music
Education Research: Being a Self-reflective
Ethnographic Path
Athena Lill An Analytical Lens for Studying Informal Learning
in Music: Subversion, Embodied Learning and
Participatory Performance
Ingeborg Lunde Vestad Children’s Subject Positions in Discourses of Music in
Everyday Life: Rethinking Conceptions of the Child
In and For Music Education
Edward McClellan Undergraduate Music Education Major Identity Formation in the University Music Department 279
Vincent C Bates Rethinking Cosmopolitanism in Music Education 310