Volume 1, Issue 1

Action, Criticism & Theory for Music Education

April 2002

Thomas A. Regelski, Editor
Wayne Bowman, Associate Editor
Darryl A. Coan, Publishing Editor

Thomas Regelski, EditorAbout This Issue
Claire DetelsSoftening the boundaries of music in general education
Wayne Bowman'Deja vu all over again'? A critical response to Claire Detels' Helsinki discussion paper
Darryl CoanCharity begins at home: Discourse among teachers of music
Lauri VäkeväNaturalizing philosophy of music education
Juha OjalaTheory reduction considered harmful?
Wayne BowmanDiscernment,Respons/ability, and the goods of philosophical praxis
Thomas A Regelski"Critical Education", culturalism and multiculturalism
Pentti MäättänenAesthetic experience: A problem in praxialism
Sami PihlströmPragmatism, art, and the real world
Marjut HaussilaOf knowing what what we do does
Lauri VäkeväInterviewing Richard Shusterman, pt I
Lauri VäkeväInterviewing Richard Shusterman, pt II