Volume 11

Issue 2, September 2012

Wayne Bowman,
Guest Editor
Practices, Virtue Ethics, and Music Education1
Charlene A MortonReconciling Self-Regard, Concern for Others,
and a Passion for Teaching Music:
Lessons from the Hunger Artist and the Hungry Ghost
Thomas A RegelskiThe Good Life of Teaching or the Life of Good Teaching?42
Mark WhaleTeaching and Our “Deepest Motivations”:
Beginning with I-Thou
Marissa SilvermanVirtue Ethics, Care Ethics, and “The Good Life of Teaching”96
Chris HigginsResponse123

Issue 1, March 2012

Carlos Xavier Rodriguez,
Guest Editor
Ethics in Music Education1
Thomas A RegelskiMusicianism and the Ethics of School Music7
Hildegard FroehlichMentoring Doctoral Students in Music Education:
Personal Reflections about Ethical Choices and
Conflicts in Higher Education
Marja HeimonenMusic Education andGlobal Ethics:
Educating Citizens for the World
Joelle L LienEthical Dilemmas of In-Service Music Educators81
Roger MantieStriking Up the Band: Music Education through a
Foucaultian Lens
Randall Everett Allsup
Heidi Westerlund
Methods and Situational Ethics in Music Education124
Patrick SchmidtEthics or Choosing Complexity in Music Relations149