Volume 17, Issue 1

Action, Criticism & Theory for Music Education

April 2018

Special Technology Issue

Brent C. Talbot, Guest Editor
Vincent C. Bates, Editor

Brent C. Talbot, Guest EditorIntroduction to ACT 17.1
Paul LouthMusic Education’s “Legitimation Crisis” and its Relation to One-Dimensional Thinking pdf9
Leah KardosMaking Room for 21st Century Musicianship in Higher Education pdf33
Ann ClementsA Postdigital Future for Music Education: Definitions, Implications, and Questions pdf48
Emily Achieng' AkunoDigilogue Zone: Indigenous and Contemporary Media and Technology in Higher Music Education in Kenya pdf81
Janice WaldronQuestioning 20th Century Assumptions About 21st Century Music Practices pdf97