Volume 19, Issue 1

Action, Criticism & Theory for Music Education

May 2020

Deborah Bradley and J. Scott Goble, Editors

Deborah Bradley and J. Scott Goble Making Sure It’s About What’s Best For Students: Following on Regelski’s Tractate pdf1
Thomas A. RegelskiTractate on Critical Theory and Praxis: Implications for Professionalizing Music Education pdf6
Robert GardinerDesire for Recognition and Recognition of Desire: A Theoretical Account of the Influence of Student Teacher Fantasy on Self-Efficacy pdf54
Robin RolfhamreThrough the Eyes of an Entangled Teacher: When Classical Musical Instrument Performance Tuition in Higher Education is Subject to Quality Assurance pdf81
Jody StarkDewey's Theory of Experience: A Theoretical Tool for Researching Music Teacher Learning
Sanna Kivijärvi and Lauri VäkeväConsidering Equity in Applying Western Standard Music Notation from a Social Justice Standpoint: Against the Notation Argument pdf153
Daniel J. ShevockAn Environmental Philosophy for Music Education Based on Satis Coleman’s (1878–1961) Writings on Music and Nature pdf174
Janice Waldron and Kari K. VeblenOh Canada meets Scotland the Brave: Identity, Meaning, Culture, and Music Learning in an Intergenerational Canadian-Scottish Pipe Band pdf208