Volume 20, Issue 4

Action, Criticism & Theory for Music Education

December 2021

Deborah Bradley and J. Scott Goble, Editors

Sandra Stauffer and Margaret Barrett, Guest Editors

Sandra Stauffer and Margaret BarrettOn Narrative pdf1
Joyce McCall“A Peculiar Sensation”: Mirroring Du Bois’ Path into Predominantly White Institutions in the 21st Century pdf10
Jeananne NicholsConsiderations of Truth and Fact in Narrative Analysis pdf45
Karin S. HendricksCounternarratives: Troubling Majoritarian Certainty
Juliet HessWhen Narrative is Impossible: Difficult Knowledge, Storytelling, and Ethical Practice in Narrative Research and Pedagogy in Music Education pdf79
Katherine Norman Dearden When Violence and Death Touch a Children’s Choir pdf114
Lauren Kapalka Richerme Narrative is Not Emancipatory, but Affective Moments Might Be pdf124
Nicole Canham Background Music: Using Narrative Inquiry to Explore the Hidden Aspects of Musicians’ Career Development pdf146
Isaac Bickmore La Onda: The Gatekeepers and the Replicants pdf171