Volume 4, Issue 3

Action, Criticism & Theory for Music Education

September 2005

Thomas A. Regelski, Editor
Wayne Bowman, Associate Editor
Darryl A. Coan, Publishing Editor

Wayne Bowman, Associate EditorAfter the Silence of Aesthetic Enchantment
Race, Music, and Music Education
Rinaldo WalcottPost-Civil Rights Music; Or Why Hip Hop is Dominant
Naomi AndréEntering the Present: Music Meets Race
Eric AkrofiReflections on DA Masolo’s "Presencing the Past and Remembering the Present: Social Features of Popular Music in Kenya."
Elizabeth GouldDesperately Seeking Marsha: Music and Lesbian Imagination
Deborah BradleyDear Diary: Confessions of a Nice White Girl
Ronald Radano and Philip BohlmanRace, Music, and the Ravages of History: Response, Responsiveness, and Responsibility