Volume 9, Issue 2

Action, Criticism & Theory for Music Education

September 2010

Dr. Brian A. Roberts, Guest Editor
Wayne Bowman, Editor

Dr Brian A Roberts,
guest editor
Prologue: In Search of Identity1
Graham Welch,
Ross Purves,
David Hargreaves,
and Nigel Marshall
Reflections on the Teacher Identities
in Music Education Project
Peter de VriesThe Return: A Music Teacher Educator
Goes Back to the Elementary Music Classroom
Gina RyanInterruptions Reshaped into Transitions:
Personal Reflections on the Identity
Challenges of Moving to Music Education
William M DabbackMusic and Identity Formation in Older Adults60
J A SaundersIdentity in Music:
Adolescents and the Music Classroom
Gillian StunellNot Musical? Identity Perceptions of Generalist
Primary School Teachers in Relation to
Classroom Music Teaching in England