Volume 14

Issue 3, November 2015

Marie McCarthy,
Guest Editor
Editorial Introduction: A Symposium on Music Matters: A Philosophy of Music Education, Second Edition1
Deborah BradleyThe Dynamics of Multiculturalism in Music Matters: A Philosophy of Music Education 10
J. Scott GobleMusic or Musics? An Important Matter at Hand27
Joel KruegerMusicing, Materiality, and the Emotional Niche43
Diane ThramUnderstanding Music’s Therapeutic Efficacy with Implications for Why Music Matters 63
Dylan van der SchyffPraxial Music Education and the Ontological Perspective: An Enactivist Response to Music Matters 275
David J. Elliott and Marissa SilvermanResponse to Commentaries on Music Matters: A Philosophy of Music Education, Second Edition (2015)

Issue 2, August 2015

Brent C. Talbot,
Associate Editor
"Charleston, Goddam": An editorial introduction to ACT 14.2 1
Michelle RampalPractical Pluralism: Toward anti-racist competencies in music educators25
Juliet HessUnsettling binary thinking: Tracing an analytic trajectory of the place of Indigenous musical knowledge in the academy54
Daniel J. ShevockReflection on Freirean pedagogy in a jazz combo lab85
Otto MullerThat entertainment called a discussion: The critical arts pedagogy of John Cage122
Rohan Sagar and
David G. Hebert
Research-based curriculum design for multicultural school music: Reflections on a national project in Guyana145
Roberta LambBook Review
Reading El Sistema: Orchestrating Venezuela's Youth in Ontario

Issue 1, April 2015

Vincent C Bates,
ACTing for Change:
An Editorial Introduction to ACT 14.1
Hakim M A WilliamsFighting a Resurgent Hyper-Positivism in Education
is Music to My Ears
Adam Patrick BellCan We Afford These Affordances?
GarageBand and the Double-Edged Sword of the Digital Audio Workstation
Juliet HessUpping the “Anti-“:
The Value of an Anti-Racist Theoretical Framework in Music Education
Tom Parkinson
and Gareth Dylan Smith
Towards an Epistemology of Authenticity
in Higher Popular Music Education
Roger Mantie
and Brent C Talbot
How Can We Change Our Habits
If We Don’t Talk About Them?