Volume 18, Issue 2

Action, Criticism & Theory for Music Education

July 2019

Peter Gouzouasis, Guest Editor
Vincent C. Bates, Editor
Brent C. Talbot, Associate Editor

Peter Gouzouasis, Guest EditorWhat are ABER and CAP? pdf1
Ioanna Etmektsoglou, Kiki Kerzeli, & Katerina VlachoutsouGuitar Express: Accompanied “Songs of Deserts” as Oases in Life-long Memory Journeys pdf25
Louise GodwinThe Sound of My Voice: Self-Revelation Through Autoethnography pdf57
Christopher WileyAutoethnography, Autobiography, and Creative Art as Academic Research in Music Studies: A Fugal Ethnodrama pdf73
Colleen Sears“Anything Essential is Invisible to the Eyes”: A Meditation on Love, Loss, and the Deeper Hearted Case for Music Education
Te Oti RakenaTears of the Collective: Healing Historical Trauma through Community Arts pdf130
Lucy HollingworthString Quartet as Autoethnography: The Writing of Out of the Snowstorm, an Owl (2014–17) pdf147
Guadalupe López--ÍñiguezEpiphonies of Motivation and Emotion Throughout the Life of a Cellist pdf157
Margaret O'SullivanI played for my father pdf190