Volume 2

Issue 2, December 2003

Thomas Regelski,
About this Issue: Ideology as Reflexive or Reflective?
Wayne BowmanRe-Tooling "Foundations" to Address 21st Century Realities:
Music Education Amidst Diversity, Plurality, and Change
David LinesThe Cultural Work of Music Education Nietzsche and Heidegger
Wolfgang WelschAesthetics Beyond Aesthetics -- English German
Olle EdströmA Different Story of the History of Western Music
and the Aesthetic Project
Lucy GreenWhy "Ideology" is Still Relevant for
Critical Thinking in Music Education
Lucy Green Portuguese reprint, 2017. Por que “ideologia” ainda é relevante para o pensamento crítico na educação musical. InterMeio 23 (45).

Issue 1, September 2003

Wayne Bowman, Associate EditorSymposium: Bennett Reimer's Philosophy of Music Education
Jürgen VogtPhilosophy–Music Education–Curriculum: Some Casual Remarks on Some Basic Concepts
Vernon HowardWhither the Vision?
Pentti MäättänenReimer on Musical Meaning
Eleanor StubleyA Tale Thrice Told: Bennett Reimer's Vision Across the Decades
Bennett ReimerResponse to the Reviews