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Navigating ACT’s Electronic Articles

ACT documents are in PDF [Portable Document Format] format, and may be viewed with Adobe Acrobat ReaderĀ® (a free download atĀ or any comparable PDF reader. PDF assures that documents appear exactly the same regardless of origin or destination. Please consult your Reader’s documentation to take full advantage of its features. If you experience problems with the features outlined below, consider trying the latest version of the Acrobat reader.

Parenthetical Citations

By hovering the cursor over a parenthetical citation, (Jones 2010) for instance, the full reference to which the citation refers can be viewed. This function appears in issues 6(3) and following.


A “bookmark” column may appear on one side of your screen when you first open an article. You can navigate to any bookmarked section of the text by clicking on its heading. The bookmark column may be closed for easier on-line viewing of the document. To open or reopen the bookmarks column, click on the bookmark icon in your Reader’s tool bar. Bookmarks do not print when the article is printed.


Many pages contain small balloon-like “comment” icons in the margin near the text. On newer readers, the text of short endnotes will appear when the cursor hovers over the comment icon and will disappear when the cursor is moved away. When the full text of longer endnotes is not shown by hovering, double-click the icon and the entire endnote will appear in a box. To close this box, click the “X” in the top right corner. Neither the boxes nor the comment icons should print when making a hard copy of an article. Endnotes will print at the end of the article, just as though the article had been photocopied from a print journal.