Epilogue: The Janice Waldron Project

Arizona State University (USA)

November 2023

Published in Action, Criticism, and Theory for Music Education 22 (4): 184–85. [pdf] https://doi.org/10.22176/act22.4.184



The Janice Waldron Project by Evan S. Tobias. http://evantobias.net/janicewaldron


Janice Waldron was a wonderful friend, colleague, and music education scholar who forged new ground in music learning and teaching around communities of musical practice online and offline, participatory culture, social media, and YouTube. This project honoring and building on her work was part of a panel for the MayDay Group Colloquium in 2023.

To embody the spirit of concepts important to Janice’s work such as participatory culture, collective and networked learning, gift giving, and paying it forward, I’m sharing my notes on Janice’s publications, the video I shared at the MayDay panel, information on my process to prepare for the panel, and related resources as the Janice Waldron Project. I hope that people continue to be in dialogue with and build upon Janice Waldron’s important work.

Explore the project or go straight to a set of interactive notes from 25 of Janice’s publications.