Volume 10, Issue 1

Action, Criticism & Theory for Music Education

August 2011

Patrick Schmidt, Guest Editor

Patrick Schmidt,
guest editor
Music Education in Urban Contexts: A Redress1
Rubén A Gaztambide-FernándezMusicking in the City:
Reconceptualizing Urban Music Education
as Cultural Practice
Donna T EmmanuelLiminality as Thought and Action 47
Elizabeth ParkerThe Tale of One Children’s Choir
Educator within a Not-For-Profit Agency
Cathy BenedictTheory as a Second Story:
Extending a Tale
Sandra L StaufferIncomplete86
Jusamara SouzaYouth, Musical Education and Media:
Singularities of Learning Mediated by Technology
Ashlee Cunsolo Willox,
Ajay Heble,
Rob Jackson,
Melissa Walker,
and Ellen Waterman
Say Who You Are, Play Who You Are:
Improvisation, Pedagogy,
and Youth on the Margins
Peter McLarenRadical Negativity:
Music Education for Social Justice