Volume 15, Issue 3

Action, Criticism & Theory for Music Education

October 2016

Edward McClellan, Guest Editor
Vincent C. Bates, Editor
Brent C. Talbot, Associate Editor

Edward McClellan, Guest EditorEditorial introduction: The 9th International Symposium on the Sociology of Music Education (2015)PDF
Vincent C. Bates
Toward a sociology of music curriculum integrationPDF
Bina Ann John, Linda Cameron, and Lee Bartel
Creative musical play: An innovative approach to early childhood music education in an urban community school of musicPDF
Charles Carson and Maria Westvall
Intercultural approaches and “diversified normality” in music teacher education: Reflections from two anglesPDF37
Alexandra Kertz-Welzel
Sociological implications of English as an international language in music educationPDF
Rachel Brashier
“Just keep going, stay together, and sing OUT”: Learning Byzantine music in an informal and situated community of practicePDF
Janice Waldron
An alternative model of music learning and ‘last night’s fun’: Participatory music making in/as participatory culture in Irish traditional musicPDF
Joseph Abramo
#MarchOnRome: Of alterity, social media, and marching bandsPDF
Carol Frierson-CampbellMusicking in a West Bank conservatory: Toward a sociological framework PDF
Danielle SirekProviding contexts for understanding musical narratives of power in the classroom: Music, politics, and power in Grenada, West IndiesPDF
Susana M. Lalama
Caring climate, empathy, and student social behaviors in high school bandPDF