Volume 4

Issue 3, September 2005

Wayne Bowman, Associate EditorAfter the Silence of Aesthetic Enchantment
Race, Music, and Music Education
Rinaldo WalcottPost-Civil Rights Music; Or Why Hip Hop is Dominant
Naomi AndréEntering the Present: Music Meets Race
Eric AkrofiReflections on DA Masolo’s "Presencing the Past and Remembering the Present: Social Features of Popular Music in Kenya."
Elizabeth GouldDesperately Seeking Marsha: Music and Lesbian Imagination
Deborah BradleyDear Diary: Confessions of a Nice White Girl
Ronald Radano and Philip BohlmanRace, Music, and the Ravages of History: Response, Responsiveness, and Responsibility

Issue 2, September 2005

Thomas A Regelski, EditorEditorial Introduction
Mandy StefanakisHow Music Might Impact on Us and the Implications for Music Education
Cecilia A Torres and Jusamara Souza"I Will Count My Sheep": Creativity and the "Everyday Life Project"
Karen SnellMusic Education Through Popular Music Festivals: A study of the OM Music Festival in Ontario, Canada
Peter GouzouasisFluency in General Music and Arts Technologies: Is the future of music a Garage Band mentality?
Rhoda BernardMaking Music, Making Selves: A call for reframing music teacher education

Issue 1, March 2005

Wayne Bowman, Associate EditorThe Rationality of Action: Pragmatism's Habit Concept
J Scott GobleOn Musical and Educational Habit-Taking
Pentti MäättänenClassical Pragmatism on Mind and Rationality
J Terry GatesDewey, Communication, and Habitus
Erkki KilpinenA Positive Reply to Constructive Criticism