Volume 5, Issue 1

Action, Criticism & Theory for Music Education

January 2006

Thomas A. Regelski, Editor
Wayne Bowman, Associate Editor
Darryl A. Coan, Publishing Editor

Wayne Bowman, Associate EditorMusic, Beauty, and Privileged Pleasures:
Situating Fine Art and "Aesthetic" Experience
Elizabeth KeathleyTaste, Disgust, and Feminist Aesthetics
Charlene MortonAn Interdisciplinary Invitation: A Study of Korsmeyer's Gender and Aesthetics: An Introduction
Constantijn KoopmanEssay Review of Gender and Aesthetics
Sally MacarthurThe Beautiful, the Disgusting, and the Sublime
An Essay Review of Gender and Aesthetics: An Introduction
Claire Detels Whither Feminist Aesthetics?
Carolyn KorsmeyerResponse