Volume 1

Issue 2, December 2002

Wayne Bowman, Associate EditorSymposium: Music's Significance in Everyday Life
Daniel CavicchiFrom the Bottom Up: Thinking About Tia Denora’s Music in Everyday Life
Hildegard FroehlichTackling the Seemingly Obvious – a Daunting Task Indeed: An Essay Review of Music in Everyday Life
John ShepherdHow Music Works – Beyond the Immanent and the Arbitrary: An Essay Review of Music in Everyday Life
Tia DeNoraThe Everyday as Extraordinary: Response from Tia DeNora

Issue 1, April 2002

Thomas Regelski, EditorAbout This Issue
Claire DetelsSoftening the boundaries of music in general education
Wayne Bowman'Deja vu all over again'? A critical response to Claire Detels' Helsinki discussion paper
Darryl CoanCharity begins at home: Discourse among teachers of music
Lauri VäkeväNaturalizing philosophy of music education
Juha OjalaTheory reduction considered harmful?
Wayne BowmanDiscernment,Respons/ability, and the goods of philosophical praxis
Thomas A Regelski"Critical Education", culturalism and multiculturalism
Pentti MäättänenAesthetic experience: A problem in praxialism
Sami PihlströmPragmatism, art, and the real world
Marjut HaussilaOf knowing what what we do does
Lauri VäkeväInterviewing Richard Shusterman, pt I
Lauri VäkeväInterviewing Richard Shusterman, pt II