Volume 6, Issue 1

Action, Criticism & Theory for Music Education

April 2007

Thomas A. Regelski, Editor
Wayne Bowman, Associate Editor

Thomas A Regelski, EditorDoing and Publishing Music Education Research:
Promoting Careers, Disciplines, or Teaching?
Lauri VäkeväArt Education, The Art of Education and the Art of Life.
Considering the Implications of Dewey's Later Philosophy to Art and Music Education
Patrick M JonesMusic Education for Society's Sake:
Music Education in an Era of Global Neo-Imperial/Neo-Medieval
Market-Driven Paradigms and Structures
David ElliottPuerto Rico: A Site of Critical Performative Pedagogy
Stephan Bladh
and Marja Heimonen
Music Education and Deliberative Democracy
Jürgen VogtNationalism and Internationalism in the
Philosophy of Music Education: The German Example