Volume 3, Issue 3

Action, Criticism & Theory for Music Education

December 2004

Thomas A. Regelski, Editor
Wayne Bowman, Associate Editor
Darryl A. Coan, Publishing Editor

Hildegard FroehlichIntroduction to the Symposium
Thomas RegelskiFirst Keynote Address: Social Theory, and Music and Music Education as Praxis
Christer BouijTwo Theoretical Perspectives on the Socialization of Music Teachers
Stephan BladhMusic Teachers – in Training and at Work: A Longitudinal Study of Music Teachers in Sweden
Susan Wharton ConklingMusic Teacher Practice and Identity in Professional Development Partnerships
Vince BatesWhere Should We Start?: Indications of a Nurturant Ethic for Music Education
David TeachoutFactors Affecting Individuals’ Decisions to Enter Music Teacher Education Doctoral Programs
Nicole Robinson Redefining "At-Risk" to Meet the Needs of the Contemporary Classroom
Brian RobertsSecond Keynote Address: The Social Construction Of Music As A School Subject
Sheri L NeillPreservice Music Teaching Field Experiences: Utilizing an Urban Minority After School Program
Linnea L Rademaker The Sociological Implications of Arts Education Being Offered by Outside Influences: A Case Study of an Arts Advocacy Group and its Educational Efforts:
Sheri E JaffursDeveloping Musicality: Formal and Informal Practices
Bruce WoodUniversity Cultural Scenes, Power, and the Identity of the Department of Music at Midwest State University
Patricia J CoxGrowing Into The Role Empowerment of a Music Educator Through Application of Symbolic Interaction Theory
Carol Frierson-CampbellProfessional Need and the Contexts of In-Service Music Teacher Identity