Volume 6

Issue 4, December 2007

Wayne Bowman, EditorWho's Asking? (Who's Answering?):
Theorizing Social Justice in Music Education
Cathy Benedict

Patrick Schmidt
From Whence Justice?Interrogating the
Improbable in Music Education
Rosita SandsSocial Justice and Equity:
Doing the Right Thing in the
Music Teacher Education Program
David Elliott"Socializing" Music Education60
Lauri Väkevä

Heidi Westerlund
The "Method" of Democracy in Music Education96
Wayne BowmanWho is the "We"?Rethinking Professionalism in Music Education109
Deborah BradleyThe Sounds of Silence:
Talking Race in Music Education
Lise VaugeoisSocial Justice and Music Education:Claiming the Space of Music Education as a
Site of Postcolonial Contestation
Elizabeth GouldLegible Bodies in Music Education:

Issue 3, November 2007

Wayne Bowman, EditorIntroduction1
Hildegard FroehlichInstitutional Belonging, Pedagogic Discourse,
and Music Teacher Education: The Paradox
of Routinization
Thomas RegelskiAmateuring in Music and its Rivals22
Michael WebbRock Goes to School on Screen:
A model for teaching non-'learned'
musics derived from the films
School of Rock (2003) and Rock School (2005)
Lee HigginsThe Impossible Future74
Panagiotis KanellopoulosMusical Improvisation as Action:
An Arendtian Perspective

Issue 2, October 2007

Thomas A Regelski, Editor'Music Teacher' -
Meaning and Practice, Identity and Position
Brian RobertsMaking Music, Making Selves, Making it Right:
A Counterpoint to Rhoda Bernard
Christer BouijA Comment to Rhoda Bernard:
Reframing or Oversimplification?
Lori-Anne Dolloff'All the Things We Are' -
Balancing our Multiple Identities in Music Teaching
Jonathan StephensDifferent Weather
Rhoda BernardMultiple Vantage Points: The Author's Reply

Issue 1, April 2007

Thomas A Regelski, EditorDoing and Publishing Music Education Research:
Promoting Careers, Disciplines, or Teaching?
Lauri VäkeväArt Education, The Art of Education and the Art of Life.
Considering the Implications of Dewey's Later Philosophy to Art and Music Education
Patrick M JonesMusic Education for Society's Sake:
Music Education in an Era of Global Neo-Imperial/Neo-Medieval
Market-Driven Paradigms and Structures
David ElliottPuerto Rico: A Site of Critical Performative Pedagogy
Stephan Bladh
and Marja Heimonen
Music Education and Deliberative Democracy
Jürgen VogtNationalism and Internationalism in the
Philosophy of Music Education: The German Example